Simexa International


Cocktails Machine

GIG 15 PRO We have developed a new and exciting product for the Beverage Industry. This item is specifically designed to ensure full control of the consumption and pouring of liquids in your BAR Our digital bartender is an Automatic Jigger with a Fast Pouring Control System The equipment is fully dedicated to the following […]

Robot Filling System

Technogel DR7   Robotic doser filling machine for medium and large containers which require special decoration and rippling. Multi directional movements help to replace skilled operators whilst ensuring a much more consistent filling process.   Decoration     Filling

Blast Chiller, Shock Freezing & Slow Cooking

Infinity All-in-one with a Touch. The Touch, Multi-Function, Cold, Hot, Infinity all-in-one. Always guaranteeing a perfect result. Blast chilling Fast freezing Fast and controlled thawing out Proving of oven baked products Slow cooking Combined Cycle Infinity – Infinity Start 40T Compact (Roll-in Model) Assembled 4HP Unit on top No extra labor cost for installation Plug […]