Simexa International





Self contained continuous freezer for the ice cream production, with lobe pumps. The turbine, of hollow type with eccentric shaft in stainless steel is provided with scraper blades, also in stainless steel, and, by rotating at high speed, produces an ice cream of a fine & creamy structure.

In the lower part is situated the double-lobe-pump group:

  • the first one for pumping the ice cream mix (in liquid solution at 4°C) in to the freezing cylinder;
  • the second to discharge the ice cream from the cylinder.

Both pumps are equipped with independent moto- reducer, controlled by inverter and PLC for the set-up and control of the production parameters, like quantity, overrun and viscosity.

The pump body is made from an single S/S piece, and it is equipped with pneumatic by-pass for a perfect CIP cleaning. The air for the overrun, metered by a mass flow meter then filtered, is injected directly into the freezing cylinder, obtaining an ice cream with volume increase from 30% to 140%. The pressure cylinder is automatically controlled.

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