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Mixgel, in the two versions 30E and 50E, is designed to pas- teurize and batch-freeze the ice-cream mix with just one piece of equipment. Mixgel is the ideal machine where the number one priority is quality and traditional flavour of cottage-industry ice-cream but the space available is somewhat limited (ice-cream bars with small or medium scale daily production, restaurants, bars, etc.).

The main characteristics:

  • Micro-computer controls the texture of the ice-cream
  • Scraper blades positioned inside the pasteurisation tank made in pure teflon
  • Patented beater shaft with changeable scraping elements inside the batch freezing tank
  • Construction materials respect the strictest health and hygiene standards
  • Two separate chambers which can operate independently
  • Mixgel can be used just partially as either a pasteurizer or batch freezer.

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