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The new series of pasteurizers Mixpasto 60 and 120 represents a perfect combination of high performance, durable materials, easy to use and cleaning, combined with an innovative design expression of the best “Made in Italy” in the field of ice cream machines.

The main characteristics:

  • Integrated emulsifier controlled by inverter
  • New control panel with high and low pasteurization program, with automatic and adjustable agitation programs
  • Automatic agitation during holding phase
  • Custom pasteurization program fully adjustable by the operator
  • USB port for recording time, temperature and alarms during pasteurisation, trouble-shooting and software upgrading
  • Optional printer to record time, temperature and alarms during pasteurisation cycle
  • New design of tank with sloped base
  • Heating and cooling through bain-marie system
  • Program to operate with low mix quantity
  • Self diagnosis to check the status of the internal components

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