Simexa International



We have developed a new and exciting product for the Beverage Industry.
This item is specifically designed to ensure full control of the consumption and pouring of liquids in your BAR

Our digital bartender is an Automatic Jigger with a Fast Pouring Control System

The equipment is fully dedicated to the following functions:
– Optimize and control alcohol/syrups/juices/puree consumption in any kind of Bars (Hotel/lounge/Resort/Disco/club/Pup….)

– Consistency pouring for all the type of international or customize recipe drinks (alcoholic, non-alcoholic or only like juices/syrups dispenser)

– Huge support to the bartender helping him to control the bar staff operation and avoid disservice during pick hours

– Versatility for the control system of the machine to be personalize for any client/owner/bartender request (according with the industry)

Strategic key points:
– Plug and play system

– We broken the barrier to be scare about BAR staff turnover and their training each time

– The pouring system have a precision up to the technology used into medical application

– Touch screen/PAD system is the most friendly used system equipped with Projected Capacitive technology

– Each GIG PRO has a centralize control of the consumption (lt./n. of cocktails)

– Statistic information possible to be connected with POS (personalization possible according with volume and feasibility)

– Data can be collected and check online doesn’t matter your geographical location (single or consolidate for all units)

– More time for bartender flair and free style tricks without decrease the BAR service performance during pick hours

This product is:
– Simple
– Quick
– Easy to be used

Our official testimonial Daniele Dalla Pola