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The new range of electronic batch freezers in the Mante series exploits electronics to ensure the quality characteristics of your icecream in terms of texture, consistency and overrun).
Mante batch freezers are fitted with a patented 3-blade stainless steel stirrer which ensures top quality ice-cream and complete extraction without noise or vibration.

Mante batch freezers also have:

  • Stainless steel door with safety device in compliance with international safety standards
  • Micro-computer controls the texture of the ice-cream
  • Low voltage (24V) waterproof controls
  • Timed washing cycle with retractable flexible hose spray
  • Adjustable height for container support, with rubber carpet
  • On request the electronic device for production of water ices can be supplied.

The new Mante range is extremely easy to clean, as its various parts can be easily disassembled:
the hopper lid, the ice-cream extraction slide and the practical drip tray, along with the freezer pipe attached directly to the front panel of the machine – these are both made with stainless steel for perfect sanitation.

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