Simexa International




We are a global and continually growing trading centre specialising in Italian-made food service and industrial equipment since 2006. We aim to strive to deliver cutting-edge technology for the food and beverage industry, offering our customers a unified point of contact for all their needs and requirements. Recognised as a pivotal player in supporting SMEs to penetrate and thrive in Asian Pacific markets, our company excels in two core areas: facilitating turnkey company setups in Asia and fostering business partnerships between Asian and European enterprises.

Our expertise

Select valuable manufacturer for a successful cooperation.

Facilitate the entire investment process.

Accommodates partners as a regional operation.

Achieve a sustainable growth.

Looking beyond

Simexa has launched a venture to expand its influence across the Indian Ocean, Africa, and the Middle East in 2023, affirmed by solid business relationships and a newly established strategic business unit in the Indian Ocean region.