Organic Waste Recycling

Organic Waste Recycling





Organic waste sustainable management at the source


ECODYGER PRO is designed to process almost the entirety of organic waste:

rice, pasta, bread, meat, fish, chicken and rabbit bones, seashells and seafood, vegetables, fruit and fruit stones.

Ecodyger can also process all the new bio-compostable materials (plates, glasses, cutlery and tray covers),

including paper napkins, usually used in the collective restoration.


image Ecodyger regenerated bones of small size such as rabbit and chicken.


image Ecodyger regenerates the organic waste through a cycle that can last from 5 to 7 hours.



Reduces the waste

Up to 90% less of weight and space. Save up to 4,000 kg of waste each month.

Save money – Logistics

  • Smaller waste collection rooms
  • Energy savings required for the refrigeration
  • Less waste movement
  • Less waste bags used

Save money – Hygiene

  • Less cleaning expenses
  • No smell
  • Hygienic waste
  • Cleaner spaces