GELATO Equipment for Retail

GELATO Equipment for Retail










  • Integrated emulsifier controlled by inverter
  • New control panel with high and low pasteurization program, with stirred program system
  • Automatic Stirring during holding phase
  • Customize cycle fully adjustable by the operator
  • USB port for time, temperature, alarms, trouble-shooting download and software upgrading
  • Printer system to show time, temperature and alarm during cycle
  • Tank with sloped base
  • Bain-marie system for heating and cooling cycle
  • Low mix quantity cycle
  • Self diagnosis to check the status of internal components



Batch Freezer





MANTE 20 – MANTE 15-45 – MANTE 20-60 – MANTE 30-100

  • MANTEGEL 20 production per cycle of 1-4 kg – hourly production between 10-30 lt.
  • MANTEGEL 15-45 production per cycle of 2-7 kg – hourly production between 15-45 lt.
  • MANTEGEL 20-60 production per cycle of 3-10 kg – hourly production between 20-60 lt.
  • MANTEGEL 30-100 production per cycle of 5-17 kg – hourly production between 30-100 lt.
  • Mainly stainless steel no plastic
  • We are the first manufacturer using TEFLON blade (match easier to be replace and less cost)
  • Our blade can be load in both direction for a correct functionality so no mistake by the operator
  • We are the only one that can control the production of ice-cream in three different way: by time / by temperature / by hardness








This model are designed to pasteurize and batch-freeze the ice-cream mix at the same time.

Saving space is the main purpose to choose the all in one system

  • PCB control of the texture
  • Scraper blades in TEFLON
  • Patented beater shaft
  • Two separate chamber operating independently and connected by an electronic valve







Professional 30 – Professional 50





Soft-Serve Ice-Cream



Soft Serve Ice-Cream


Black Magic – Euro 3 – Euro 3P

With Soft Serve TECHNOGEL version is possible to control:

  • Four operational functions: Load mix, distribution, storage, washing)
  • Automatic program for mix loading into cylinders
  • Ice-cream viscosity
  • Cylinders and storage tanks temperature
  • Number of cones produced
  • Overrun






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Hi, I am sourcing for a batch freezer for my new ice cream shop. Please quote for MANTEGEL 20 and how long must I wait to receive this item ? thanks

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