Freezer/Chiller Green Line

Freezer/Chiller Green Line


Gastronomy, Ice Cream and Pastry Refrigerated Cabinets

Chiller and freezer cabinets available in different materials and with different temperature are suitable to conservation of any food. Refrigerated unit with innovative system “LOWERED TAMPONE”, an intermediate solution between the Monoblock and the Traditional systems which offers a large storage capacity together with excellent efficiency and long life span. Also the 70 mm MAXI-Insulation with CFC-free and zero ODP foam for better energy efficiency and respect for the environment. Tray supports improve air flow and can be easily removed for easy cleaning.



S/S AISI 304 Refrigerated Cabinets, 700 e 1400 lt, GN 2/1 with ECOLOGICAL REFRIGERANT R290.

The new Gastronomy, Pastry & Ice Cream cabinets are endowed with innovative functions which reduce waste and respect the environment. They guarantee higher performance and less using, disposal and maintenance costs.

Mekano Green Plus, available in different variations for different products and storage capacities, is the responsible choice, secure and eco-friendly for your food conservation needs.

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