Cocktails Machine – GIG 15 PRO – GIG 8 PRO

Cocktails Machine – GIG 15 PRO – GIG 8 PRO



We have develop a specific item for the beverage Industry

This item is specifically done to have a full control of liquid/syrups consume and pouring.

Its a Multiple Jigger with a Fast Control Pouring System

Equipment is fully dedicated at the following function:

  • Optimize and control alcohol consumption in any kind of Bars (Hotel/lounge/Resort/Disco/club/Pup….)
  • Constant pouring for all the type of international or customize recipe drinks (alcoholic, non-alcoholic or only like juice and syrups dispenser)
  • Support to the bartender helping him to control the bar staff operation andavoid disservice during pick hours
  • Versatility for the control system of the machine to be personalize for any client/owner/bartender request (according with the industry)

Strategic key point:

  • Plug and play system
  • Saving time related to staff turnover and their training each time
  • Highly precise pouring system due to our technology
  • Friendly use thanks to touch screen system
  • Each CM has a central control of the consumption (lt./n. of cocktails) that can be check online (single or consolidate for all units)
  • More time for bartender flair and free style trick without decrease the BAR service performance during pick hours

This product is:

  • Simple
  • Quick
  • Easy understandable to be used


Specs Sheet GIG 15 PRO


How to Connect & Calibrate



A comparison between GIG 15 PRO and a standard bartender operation



In case you want to handle only the perfect aperitivo time or premium selection of liquors for your client testing

The eight (self contain) inlet solution could be your alternative choice for a proper service shift.

Specs Sheet GIG 8 PRO