Buffet & Drop-in Line

Buffet & Drop-in Line



Are the new ranges of buffet display equipment.

The full Afinox range of restaurant buffet equipment proposes the best possibilites in terms of buffet display equipment, buffet cabinet and refrigerated display cabinet products.

With the new Afinox buffet equipment, you can change your point of view to look at things from a different perspective.

With the modern buffet display lines, Afinox moves towards a radically different new concept of buffet display equipment, which is some steps ahead from the old out-of-date “Buffet” concept. Innovative, easily and fully-integrated buffet cabinet and buffet display products which fit simply and conveniently into any catering environment, whether traditional or modern.

Soul, Essence, Tradition and Service product ranges are polyhedral buffet equipment solutions created for new and alternative applications paying great attention to wide-ranging market needs in term of hygiene regulation, differences in food culture and pricing levels.

For the most demanding customers, TALENTO is the same modern style solution in terms of display cabinet for wine.

Our products:

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  • buffet cabinet
  • buffet equipment
  • buffet display
  • restaurant buffet equipment

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